Museum of the Town of Orsha History and Culture

The history of Orsha has absorbed a lot of changes, events and destinies! The Museum of History and Culture of Orsha was created in order to hold the past in remembrance for the future.

The resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR "On creation of the Museum of History and Culture of Orsha" was published in 1984. But the process of creating a museum has stretched for a long time - no one could answer the main question: where would the exposition be located? And only in 1987 this problem was solved. Thus, by the decision of the City Council the museum building was located in the former headquarters of the civil defense. It is symbolic that the building is a piece of the history of our town, it’s the monument of civil engineering of the late XIX - early XX centuries. In the beginning of the XX century there were a house and a small haberdashery. In 1949, another building was added to the building where the radio station was located. The initiative group was created in 1987 that was headed by Igor Ershov, Orsha historian, teacher of history.

The Museum of the History and Culture of Orsha is a branch of the cultural Institution "The museum complex of the history and culture of Orsha". It was founded on March 1, 1989, and opened to the public in December 1992. The exposition of the museum represented an overview of the past, focusing on the key events of the region, ranging from the primitive communal system to the second half of the 1980s of the twentieth century, allowing to find yourself in the most interesting pages of the history of our homeland.

At present the museum is going to show visitors a new exhibition that will delight not only in the richness of authentic items, but also a number of interactive systems, where the visitor will be able to become a spectator and a participant of the historical process.