Museum Complex of History and Culture of Orshanshchyna

The cultural institution "Museum complex of history and culture of Orshanshchyna" is a museum association, formed in 1994. The complex includes six branches:

The Museum of Military History named after the Hero of Soviet Union K. S. Zaslonov

Museum of History and Culture of Orsha

Museum of Wooden Sculpture of the Carver S. S. Shavrov

Museum of V. S. Korotkevich

Art gallery of V. A. Gromyko

Ethnographic museum "Mill".

Four museums are housed in buildings-monuments of civil and industrial architecture of the early twentieth century. The museum complex has a centralized storage facility. Today the fund of museum items, divided into 35 collections, comprises more than 41,000 museum items that tell about various spheres of life in the Orsha region from ancient times to the present.