Orsha Town Art Gallery of V.A. Gromyko

In 2008, Orsha became the venue for the National Festival Fair of rural workers «Dozhinki – 2008».The most important highlight of the program and the holiday was the creation and opening of Orsha Art Gallery of V.A. Gromyko, painter, people's Artist of Belarus, the honored cultural figure of Poland, Honorary Academician of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, professor of painting, an active participant in the partisan movement, the chevalier of the Orders of Patriotic War of the 1st class, Red Star and medals "For Courage", "Partisan of the Patriotic War» of the 1st class.

The main purpose of the gallery exposition is to feature the rich artistic heritage of Orsha, understanding of the traditions and laws of development of the artistic culture of the region and Belarus, skill and talent of Belarusian artists that will contribute to the enrichment of its citizens, their introduction to the national and universal values.
The Hall of Victor Gromyko, a permanent exhibition on the history of the building and the activities of the Jesuits in Orsha, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the artistic culture of Orsha work in Orsha Art Gallery of V.A. Gromyko, and removable art exhibitions are systematically organized. Cultural and educational museum events and citywide and regional celebrations are regularly held in the Drawing room of an art gallery. The modern building of the former Jesuit college has become not only a business card, but also a major cultural center of Orsha social life.

Cultural projects, changing exhibitions and a permanent display of art galleries, educational activities of children's library, the creative activity of the urban home crafts allow to organize leisure-time of townspeople and its visitors as well as contribute to the cultural enrichment of the citizens, their introduction to the national and universal values.

The indicator of the attractiveness of administrative and exhibition center for the citizens is a constant stream of visitors, as well as the fact that the newly married couple in the birthday of a new family visit the center, seek to take a photograph of themselves in one of the most important days in their life in the interior of this historic building.