Orsha Museum of S.S. Shavrov Wooden Sculpture

Name Semen Stepanovich Shavrov, Belarusian woodcarver, known in our city to everyone who is even slightly interested in art and folk art. Orsha famous amateur carver Semen Shavrov - a man of great talent. This definition has become a familiar assessment of creativity is very interesting, vibrant, many-sided master...

But the works of reference for the mass may be available only in a museum, as each of them is unique in the truest sense of the word.

And then Semen Shavrov gives his house on the street Krasin , 26, to Orsha for exhibitions. So, the The museum of S.S. Shavrov′s wooden sculpture – a branch of cultural institution "Museum complex of the history and culture of Orsha land" was established during the lifetime of the master in his private home to address the Orsha City Council and the Department of Culture of Orsha city executive committee. After a short time, and June 25, 1992 the museum received its first visitors. The museum was built workshop. It is here Shavrov continued to create images and transmit skills to his students.

Master's life broke February 10, 2000, but it is significant for this outstanding engraver, national master of Belarus in the first place not many lived through the years, and those great things that he could do.

At first, the museum had 19 sculptures donated by the author. Of these works was the exposition, which will assess the diversity of genre subjects of the works of the innovative nature of his work. Organically complement the exhibit structure of the second building – building workshop with the cabinet wood carving.

Today at the museum, in a beautiful apple orchard located "Fairy Meadow" in the open air. Here, among the fairy-tale characters in a cozy alcove, the museum organizes magical holidays, be it a wedding or a birthday, or the brightest new year in the life of users... If you come to the "right" season – you can enjoy the sweet juicy apples from the garden of the master Shavrov. Here, far from the dusty roads and bustle of the city, the followers of the famous carver still teach this subtle skill of students passing the invaluable experience of the national master Belarus S.S. Shavrov.